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A Memoir by Scott Hay

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This is a biography of events in my life that lead to the disappearance of my father and ultimately ended with his tragic death.

Looking forward to an unexpected afternoon off, a cheerful eighteen-year-old Scott Hay comes home early to find his mother frantic because his father is missing. Beginning with that moment Scott’s world undergoes such a violent alteration that it will take him years to regain his footing. As events swirl chaotically around him, he’s astonished to discover that he’s become one of two suspects in his father’s disappearance… and what he learns next will forever alter his perception of the meaning of love. A dark, revelatory, and ultimately inspiring chronicle of deeply buried secrets, family dysfunction, abuse, and manslaughter. Bleeding Hearts will challenge everything you think you know about familial relationships.

Scott Hay

Scott Hay

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Hardcover: 978-1-4602-6052-4
Paperback: 978-1-4602-6053-1
E-book: 978-1-4602-6054-8


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Son writes book about mother’s killing of father

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Resources for those who need help

The National Domestic Violence Hotline | 24/7 Confidential Support Kid’s Help...
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From the Book

Chapter 3

No words were spoken as he nonchalantly threw two pictures on the table in front of me. Sensing that the pictures were of something I didn’t want to see, I looked away. Calmly, he told me to look at them. All the other officers watched eagerly, as if they were back in university wanting to learn something. He’s the professor, they’re the students, and I’m just a prop. He leaned into me and told me again to look at the pictures. I whimpered, “No.” Deep inside, I knew these pictures were of my father’s body. I didn’t want to see my...
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Chapter 7

As the service came to a close, “Daddy’s Hands” by Holly Dunn echoed through the packed church. I bowed my head, fighting back the tears, but the song’s chorus rang in my head. “Daddy´s hands, weren´t always gentle. But I´ve come to understand. There was always love in Daddy´s hands.” My eyes filled up, and then the dam gave way. I sobbed for a brief moment while telling myself to get it together. You were raised to be stronger than this. You have to be stronger than this. By the end of the song, I had wiped my tears from my face,...
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Chapter 5

I loved my father deeply, and I still thank him for who I am today. I wish he were here so I could share my countless travel stories with him. I also wish he could see what I have accomplished. But the truth is, I never would have traveled the world if my father were alive. I would have worked hard most of my life and never left North America. I would have settled down young and had a family. I would have been richer financially but not in world experience. I have learned to take massive amounts of time away from work to enjoy life....
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What People are Saying About Bleeding Hearts…

I read this book the day it arrived. It’s an amazing story and a great read. Scott Hay tells a raw and brutally honest account about years of domestic violence that ended with murder; turning his childhood home into a crime scene and his life upside-down. Each chapter you get an in-depth and intimate look into the life of the Hay family and the violence that went on. It’s told from his POV and I particularly liked the style of writing. Its candid and honest, no banalities or clichés. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone, not just because it’s a great book but more importantly, it sends a strong message about domestic violence and what can happen when not dealt with.

Shauna Y

From: Good Reads

Through simple compassionate voices we hear of the survival of a young man and his mother. They record not so much the male violence against them and the social silence that sustains it but their endurance and their choices to amplify, thrive and enrich understanding of each other, rejecting bitter, squalid social scripts in favour of life and connection.

Dr. Lee Lakeman

Writer, Activist, Transition House Pioneer

Such an incredible story – amazing to see a family pull through everything they’d been through!

Angela J


A raw and powerful memoir about the reality of domestic violence.  Scott’s story has the ability to empower others, showing us how a family’s spirit can heal after dealing with such tragedy.

Darryl O

From: Bleeding Hearts Submission

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