I loved my father deeply, and I still thank him for who I am today. I wish he were here so I could share my countless travel stories with him. I also wish he could see what I have accomplished. But the truth is, I never would have traveled the world if my father were alive. I would have worked hard most of my life and never left North America. I would have settled down young and had a family. I would have been richer financially but not in world experience. I have learned to take massive amounts of time away from work to enjoy life. I travel the world, sleep in, order room service, learn about history, explore jungles, discover cultures, and make new friends.
Today, my mother and I are very close. She has done something most people think is unforgivable, but I feel it is smarter to forgive than hold a grudge. I would rather share my life with one parent, then live a life with no parents. I still have many questions for her, but I won’t ask them, because the answers aren’t important to me. We are in a good place, and a healthy relationship with her is more important than the answers. As for my brother and sister, the tragedy brought us closer than we could ever have imagined. We are best friends. We have stood by each other through everything, and the bond between us will never be broken. People say it will change as we get older, but we will continue to prove them wrong. The most important thing I have learned in life so far is that people will always make mistakes. We move on by learning, forgiving, and evolving.